Meet our Staff: Haley Hickman, MS, RD

Haley is an account executive at FoodMinds in our Chicago office. She translate her knowledge of the latest nutrition science and research into content for consumers and health professional. Haley graduated from the University of Mississippi with a master’s degree in food and nutrition services and completed her bachelor’s degree in dietetics at Florida State University.


What is your favorite part of your job?

The people that I work with are smart, supportive and inspiring.


What food is always on your mind and why?

Iced coffee is certainly a favorite part of my AM routine. And I dream about the days when it is paired with the luxury of a slow morning and a fresh pastry.


What’s the best piece of life advice you’ve received?

People come first. And always send a thank you note.


How do you find balance?

I love living in Chicago because it’s so walkable. After work (and weather pending!), you can catch me walking home from the office. It’s my favorite way to decompress after the day or catch up with a colleague that’s on the same route. On the weekends, I’ll meet up with friends on the lakefront to walk along Lake Michigan.


How do you stay organized at work?

Keeping a to-do list, tracking notes in OneNote and maintaining clean inbox.