January 14, 2020

Analyze This: Keeping up with the Evolving Landscape of Nutrition Analysis

With the world at their fingertips, consumers are constantly searching for popular recipes and menu models tailored to fit their dietary preferences. In 2018, “dinner recipes” was the top searched item on Pinterest alone, according to Hootsuite. To keep up with evolving trends, it is essential for brands to create appealing, nutritious products and recipes for consumers. FoodMinds’ team of 20+ registered dietitians is uniquely poised to navigate the nutrition landscape and health and wellness trends impacting brands. We help companies analyze recipes and develop menu models by incorporating products into healthy eating patterns to suit any brand’s needs.

Get the Scoop: Connecting Nutrition Recommendations and Consumer Values

Recipes and menu models serve as creative and tangible ways to engage with consumers. Providing real-life examples of how a branded product can be incorporated into a novel recipe or throughout the day as part of a nutrient-dense eating pattern helps to illustrate how it can fit into one’s personal lifestyle.

At FoodMinds, we harness nutrition science and navigate trends to help meet growing consumer needs. We do so by demonstrating the nutritional impact and usage of foods and beverages to both internal and external audiences and by providing the framework for marketing teams to create credible communications materials.

Harnessing the Power of Recipe Analysis & Menu Modeling to Intersect with Ever-Evolving Nutrition Trends and Food Policy

We’ve all seen the media headlines dishing 2020’s hottest food and nutrition trends. Here’s our top predictions and insight on how to leverage them:

Although food and nutrition trends will continue to be ever-changing, nutrition analysis will remain a constant in the quest for brands to satisfy consumer needs and meet strategic business objectives.

Lindsay MacNab, MS, RD is a senior account executive s at FoodMinds, a division of Padilla. She is based in Chicago.

Tara Linitz, MS, RD is a senior account executive at FoodMinds, a division of Padilla. She is based in San Francisco.

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