February 8, 2023

FoodMinds Shares Key Food and Nutrition Priorities in 2023 and Beyond

Between the White House Conference, the new FDA definition of healthy, and COP27’s food systems focus, 2022 proved to be a noteworthy year in food and nutrition. We saw increased federal funding in precision nutrition research, Twitter’s ownership evolution, momentum around sustainable dietary guidance, and corn’s elevated cultural relevance through social media.

What can be expected next year? The deep bench of in-house experts at FoodMinds helps clients navigate the continuously evolving food and nutrition ecosystem. Our passionate team of nutrition pros and policy wonks works across five key solution areas to produce meaningful results for our clients. These five pillars reflect our collective expertise in science communications; global food and nutrition affairs; stakeholder and influencer engagement; healthy, sustainable food systems; and precision nutrition.

We asked each pillar lead about how they’re thinking about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for food and nutrition industry leaders, and here’s what they had to say…

 Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems

“The past few years have shown us that healthy, sustainable food systems is more than a trend – it’s the next evolution of how we talk about and engage with food. We’ve been doing some really cool work with clients in food waste reduction the past few months and I’m excited to see many new consumer product innovations and farm technologies coming to market this year. We also know food system equity and sustainable dietary guidance will be hot topics to watch, what with the actioning of commitments stemming from the 2022 White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health, and the progression of the 2025-2030 Dietary Guidelines and EAT-Lancet 2.0.” – Lauren Hoffman, Senior Director, Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems Lead

 Global Scientific Affairs & Communications

“Brand trust and transparency have never been more important. The key opportunity for today’s leaders in the food and beverage industry is to not only share their data and evidence-based proof points, but to do so in a way that cuts through the noise, enhances their thought leadership profile and compels real change in consumer beliefs and behaviors. That requires connecting science and storytelling strategies from the very beginning, rather than approaching communications as an after-thought. I hope we’ll continue to see a rise in the socialization of science to make research more meaningful and accessible to the everyday consumer, including leveraging a broader variety of platforms, exploring more creative formats and working with more inclusive and representative partners.” – Allison Mikita, Vice President

Food is Medicine and Precision Nutrition

“Today’s technology and research infrastructure are rapidly accelerating innovation in Food is Medicine and precision nutrition, making this one of the most important areas for food sector players to be plugged into.  Stemming from the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, we are seeing the Food is Medicine and precision nutrition movements gain momentum in both the public and private sectors. Our strategic insights combine a deep understanding of nutrition science, culturally relevant eating patterns, and health technology to help clients effectively navigate these dynamic and newly emerging approaches to nutrition. Maya Maroto, FoodMinds Vice President 

Stakeholder and Influencer 2.0

“Credentialed nutrition influencers and stakeholders are food-loving innovators, critical thinkers and change makers who possess a strong desire to positively impact our ever-evolving health and nutrition landscape. In 2023, it will be increasingly important to build and hone relationships with these experts to build awareness and advocacy for our clients campaigns, products or brands. Market research shows that 92% of Americans trust influencers more than brands or a celeb endorsement and nearly half of consumers depend on influencer recommendations when it comes to deciding what to buy. Between newsletter and social media subscription models, creator desire for longer format and greater content control and the start of the next Dietary Guidelines for Americans cycle, the influencer and stakeholder space is primed for shifts and ripe with opportunity this year. More importantly, we can expect these groups to begin to expand and explore beyond “traditional” platforms to disseminate, communicate and educate.” – Chelsea Elkin, Senior Director

Global Food and Nutrition Affairs

“2023 has already proven itself to be a lively year for food and nutrition policy. In just the U.S., we’ve seen movement around the country’s first-ever mandatory front-of-pack nutrition label, new nutrient intake recommendations, and preparations to revise the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. And we’re expecting global actions to be just as busy. Be prepared for a host of new policies and discussions that aim to not only improve public health, but also promote sustainability, affordability, and inclusiveness for populations within and across borders.” – Laurie Hainley, Director

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