September 24, 2019

Insights from The Future of Food Summit

FoodMinds attended the first  Future of Food Summit on September 20, hosted by EatingWell magazine and the International Food and Information Council (IFIC), which covered experts and thought leaders from across the food system including farmers, industry representatives, and nutrition and health professionals.

The speaker-panel dialogue addressed key topics on food system transformation opportunities, such as the consumer experience, sustainable food production, plant and animal source proteins, and nutrition and health innovations.

Key theme* raised by the speakers and attendees included:

Consumer trends, food values and behaviors often conflict.

Productivity and profit must be part of sustainable farming.

Sustainable production improvements and innovations are driven by private sector and consumer demand, not policy.

Plant-forward recommendations and demands are soaring, moving quickly ahead of the science.

Personalized Wellness is much broader than genetics.

Nutrition guidance must be evidence-based and focus on behavioral change.

Labeling has its limits.


* Please note: the key themes and takeaways noted were focus points of discussion and presentations; they do not necessarily reflect FoodMinds’ point of view.

 Allison Mikita, MS, is a vice president and director, Global ExpertBench at FoodMinds, based in our New York office.


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