July 26, 2018

National Intern Day

Our internship program has been a huge asset to the work that we do here at FoodMinds and something that we’re proud of. We strive to create a mutually beneficial experience for both interns and employees – providing a holistic immersion into the nutrition communications industry and giving out employees an opportunity to learn fresh ideas ideas from students finishing their education and entering the field. The program touches each one of our staff members, many of whom began their time with FoodMinds as an intern.

In honor of National Intern Day, here are thoughts from some of our FoodMinds team members on their experiences as current and former interns.


” As someone who got into PR as a result of a 10-day internship program at a large PR agency, and someone who started our FoodMinds internship program – interns are near and dear to my heart. My philosophy has always been to have our interns walk in our shoes and experience life as a true PR professional. That may mean touching eight different clients in a single day or having to go shopping for a client event or abandoning the to-do list when a client calls…Internship programs provide a real opportunity to understand the communications profession, and at FoodMinds, we’re glad to offer this opportunity and are equally grateful for our interns’ support.”

Erin DeSimone,  MS, RD, LDN, FAND


“Becoming an RD requires being an intern at many different places and the experience at FoodMinds is unlike anywhere else. Not only are interns treated like valuable members of the team, they are welcomed graciously into the office. As an intern, I was able to contribute valuable work to client projects while learning a TON about the nutrition communications field. Now as an employee, I’m grateful for our interns’ support and value their contributions to our work!”

Dana Peters, MS, RD


“I started my internship experience at FoodMinds over a year ago, as a dietetic intern. I knew then I didn’t want my time with FoodMinds to end. As I reflect on my summer, I am grateful for the FoodMinds team, this fantastic opportunity and all that I have learned. Every day, every hour, is something different and exciting that never fails to spark my curiosity. The FoodMinds team is brilliant, welcoming and generous with both time and advice. I appreciate the effort put into my learning and development, and I once again wish the time did not have to end.”

Maura Killian, RD


Interns have been the key to taking FoodMinds farther. We are fortunate, especially at FoodMinds, to get the crème-de-le-creme, as our interns are often dietetic interns and, on their way, to becoming RDs. Their nutrition knowledge is fresh and something I’ve come to rely upon as we strive to make smart recommendations to our clients. These talented interns are also why we can take on thought leadership activities, so we can demonstrate our chops to people outside of our client list and engage in our community. For example, interns were critical in helping to develop an analysis of stakeholder comments in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s request for information on redefining the term “Healthy” on food labeling.”

 Emma Gregory, RD


I was “placed” at FoodMinds for one of my dietetic internship rotations. I use that term loosely because I practically begged my advisor to let me intern here! At that time, I had completed one general communications internship, and we so excited to learn more about how I could combine my passion for nutrition with this new-to-me, fast-paced industry. FoodMinds had a phenomenal reputation among the dietetic interns, and with so many RDs on staff, I couldn’t wait to get started. During my short time in the Chicago office, I was able to try a little bit of everything. I even had the chance to participate in a new business pitch! And now three short years after my internship experience, I rejoined the team as a full-time employee. My time as an intern truly helped shape my interests and seed lasting relationships in this field, and for that I am grateful.”

Lauren Shelar, MBA, RD

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