October 23, 2018

Trend Report

The FoodMinds monitoring committee put together a trends report from the third trimester of the year. There were five prominent trends that they noticed, as well as some trending words that showed up a lot throughout different platforms. Read our trend report below.


Trend 1: Food Safety is a Growing Concern for Industry and Consumers

Food safety issues are impacting food manufacturers, retailers and consumers due to the occurrence of food recalls. Industry is responding with increased transparency and preventative measures.


Bottom line: As food recalls and food safety issues continue to appear in the media, industry and government are moving faster to ease consumers concerns. Industries seem to be stepping up internal efforts to address food safety concerns before they are regulated to increase transparency in the food system.


Trend 2: Technology is Driving Innovation in the Food Industry

Tech innovations are driving the personalized nutrition trend and large food companies are partnering with smaller start-up firms.



Bottom line: Companies large and small are forming mutually beneficial relationships driven by technology to provide more customized and innovative products and services for consumers.


Trend 3: Uncertainty Still Surrounds Bioengineered Foods and Lab Grown Meat 

Bioengineered foods remain a hot topic as industry and government agencies seek to regulate and define GMOs and plant-based meats amidst growing consumer concern.


Bottom line: Currently, there are more questions than answers surrounding bioengineered foods and lab grown meat as consumers, industry and government continue to weigh in on the issue


Trend 4: Sustainability and Nutrition Converge for Greater Impact

Sustainability across food supply chains continues to differentiate food and farm businesses, as many consumers are increasingly interested about these commitments from the private sector and new research identifies a pressing need to adapt to environmental concerns.


Bottom line: Sustainable food systems continue to be a part of the conversation and actions at a local, regional and global scale, with the public and private spheres both playing important roles.


Trend 5: The Political Roundup: Progress in Advancing Nutrition Policies while Farm Bill Continues to Stall


Bottom line: Nutrition policy efforts continue to rapidly evolve, with a focus on encouraging the industry to innovate healthier products and empowering consumers to make better and more informed decisions about their diets and health.  Industry involvement in these efforts remains prominent.


What’s the Word?



Our Voice

“In the year 2040, a lot will have changed in my life. I’ll be just shy of my 60th birthday… and based on the IPCC’s alarming report, our world could look very different too. If significantly accelerated action isn’t taken by all sectors of society – including the agriculture and food sectors – we could face catastrophic consequences. Food and sustainability are inseparable from one another; achieving “Zero Hunger” is reliant on building healthy, sustainable and thriving food systems. The IPCC report is a timely and powerful call to action. The time to act is now, and I’m optimistic about the innovative efforts being led by the agriculture and food sectors to mitigate climate change and food insecurity.” – Elizabeth Stoltz

Dana Peters, MS, RD is an account executive at FoodMinds, a division of Padilla, in Chicago

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