March 1, 2019

Where Did Our Passion for Nutrition Come from?

We are passionate about nutrition at FoodMinds. Our team, including our 22 on-staff dietitians, is committed to helping our clients tell their nutrition story in a compelling way and we continually strive to strengthen our collective knowledge on the latest in food and nutrition affairs. Where did all of our expertise and passion come from? A few FoodMinders share why they became interested in nutrition and why nutrition communication is so important.


“I’ve always loved food and became interested in nutrition while working in communications for a health club. I quickly discovered the world of nutrition communications (and registered dietitians!) via blogs and social media. With all the health information floating around out there, I love knowing we’re helping to amplify credible nutrition information. I believe nutrition communications has the power to reach and educate people who may not otherwise have access to credible nutrition information or a registered dietitian. And that’s pretty cool!”

Dana Peters, MS, RD


“I became interested in nutrition after taking an elective my junior year of college. I was already majoring in Communications and decided to combine my two passion areas into a career. It’s important for me to be a leader in nutrition communications because there is so much misinformation out there and it’s critical that the broader public has access to credible, evidence-based data. More importantly, it’s a topic area that will never go out of style. With obesity on the rise, communication of sound nutrition science is more important than ever before!”

Chelsea Elkin, MS, RD, CDN


“To be honest, nutrition communications chose me. My first job out of college, I landed an internship at one of the largest PR agencies in Chicago. I was assigned to a nutrition-focused client and my manager handed me a stack of nutrition research studies and asked me translate them into “consumer-friendly language.” What I lacked for in formal nutrition training, I made up for in enthusiasm – I loved the idea of using nutrition science to shape practical application ideas, tips and tricks to help people along a path towards better health. While I’ve worked on some non-nutrition (and non-food) accounts throughout the course of my career – what ultimately led me back (and led me to FoodMinds) was my passion for giving people more reasons to choose nutritious foods and beverages.”

Natalie Shafer


“My interest in nutrition surfaced during high school – conveniently before I started looking into majors/colleges! My mom has always been passionate about health and wellness so she truly served as my original inspiration, but I as I began to do my research and further explore my undeniable love for food, I quickly realized that I was hungry for more and wanted to immerse myself in nutrition. Working at FoodMinds has allowed me to dive right into nutrition communications, and I believe that as leaders in the field, we have a responsibility to continue advocating for evidence-based science, staying abreast of current issues/trends and positioning registered dietitians as the credible, go-to sources for sound nutrition information.”

Lindsay MacNab, MS, RD


“I became interested in nutrition through personally experiencing the impact that proper fueling has on performance as a young athlete. My career interests and path shifted along the way from sports nutrition to nutrition communications, and I’m passionate about elevating the role of the RD in the media. It’s important for RDs to share their expertise publicly to ensure that nutrition information is science-based and communicated accurately. There’s certainly no shortage of misinformation out there – RDs have a tremendous opportunity to help counter all the noise out there with research-based messages that resonate with consumers and help inspire healthy living.”

Andrea Carrothers, MS, RD

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