October 13, 2022

Padilla Announces Agency Promotions – October, 2022

Padilla Announces Agency Promotions

MINNEAPOLIS (October 3, 2022) – We’re pleased to announce the promotion of three of our FoodMinds team members who have performed extremely well in their current roles, and who have demonstrated the ability to excel in their new positions, helping clients transform by building, growing, and protecting brands and reputations.


Administrative and Operations Specialist

Alice Vaught joined FoodMinds in 2017 as a temporary administrative assistant before being hired full-time and has been performing duties above and beyond what is required of a typical admin assistant for the past 4+ years. Alice doesn’t wait to be asked to do something; she will identify a problem and seek out a way to solve it before it escalates.


Account Supervisor

Katie Pawelczyk joined FoodMinds as an assistant account executive and has been with the agency for nearly five years. She currently leads day-to-day program management for many of FoodMinds’ largest clients, including Danone North America, Disney, and Minecraft, and co-leads the FoodMinds internship program as well as its signature professional recognition and development program, upwaRD™. A sought-after utility player, Katie has built a reputation for her creative problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and enthusiasm and dedication to mentoring and coaching others. 



Moira Allison is a key asset to FoodMinds and the clients she serves. She serves as CRM for the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) client and Abbott Nutrition. Moira co-leads the FoodMinds internship program where she is responsible for managing university relationships and serves as a mentor. Moira has been managing high-level client issues with poise, resourcefulness, and confidence.



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