Food & Nutrition Affairs

Working in today’s health, nutrition and wellness environment means taking on the difficult task of communicating science to emotionally driven audiences. Transparency in the way you address consumers, the scientific community, the government and additional stakeholders is the key to credibility. We help develop the science to support our client’s brands, products and reputations, and as important, translate science in a relevant and impactful way.

We leverage our expertise and our own relationships and experiences to build strategic alliances and partnerships that shape environments and create opportunities for our clients. Whether it’s forming a coalition of commodity groups to spread the word about nutrient-rich foods or uniting leading nutrition and health professional groups to support the role of healthy foods in children’s diets, we create causes worth fighting for and establish champions to advocate for them.

FoodMinds is invested in the food and nutrition key opinion leader community and understands the democratization of influence. Our experts sit on academic boards and are engaged with many major professional and volunteer health organizations. We have relationships with today’s new influencers, from culinary professionals, personal trainers and mom bloggers to public health activists, vocal purists, science celebrities and journalists. We produce educational tools, thought-leader messages and materials that promote thoughtful reflection and change minds.

FoodMinds has a team that is always connected to the conversations happening in traditional and social media as well as surrounding platforms. The team monitors and reports on the food industry and relevant topics. Our approach recognizes that key opinion and thought leaders influence a surround-sound conversation, and through our knowledge and expertise, we help identify the interconnected elements of individuals, communities and societies, to develop a map of the key influencers impacting relevant conversations.

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