Strategic Insights

The Outcome-Driven Workbench™ (ODW) is a simple yet disciplined process, designed to begin with the end in mind, to produce a strategic pathway for achieving clients’ objectives.

It’s a systematic approach to establishing clear, measurable goals and breakthrough research, business and communication strategies to achieve them. The multi-step, proprietary process generally includes an intensive data gathering and analysis phase, as well as a strategy workshop that FoodMinds facilitates using a variety of techniques to stimulate lateral and relational thinking.

Through a range of curated primary and secondary research techniques and sources, FoodMinds creates information and intelligence that brings new perspectives to the business of nutrition affairs and the interrelationship between the production, marketing and consumption of food and public health. FoodMinds Strategic Insights experts design and analyze high-utility research to drive strategies that clarify business problems and opportunities and yield effective education and communication plans.