upwaRD™ is a professional recognition and development program for emerging nutrition communicators.

Congratulations to our upwaRD™ class of 2023

FoodMinds would like to introduce the 2023 class of upwaRD™. These individuals have proven to be leaders as up and coming RDNs in their communities. They demonstrate innovation, dedication, and excellence in communication within the field of nutrition and dietetics.

Meet the 2023 class

Christina Chu MS, RDN, LDN
Emily Holdorf RD
Catherine Karnatz MPH, RD
Diana Mesa RD/LDN, CDCES

Thank you to everyone who nominated a candidate. Winners will have the opportunity to connect with seasoned nutrition communications professionals and learn about partnering with food and beverage brands.


Class of 2022

Dasha Agoulnik MS, RD
Kristen Carli MS, RD
Cindy Chou RDN
Paula Rubello MS, RDN

Class of 2021

Mackenzie Burgess RDN
Antonio Castillo MS, RD, LDN
Huma Chaudhry RD, LDN
Kylie Sakaida MS, RD, LDN

Class of 2019

Alice Figueroa MPH, RDN
Melissa Groves RDN, LD
Ariana Haidari RD
Drew Hemler MSc, RD, CDN
Brianna Tobritzhofer MS, RD, LD

Inaugural Class of 2018

Valerie Agyeman RD
Stefanie Dove RDN, SNS
Julie Harrington RD
Emily Kyle MS, RDN
Tessa Nguyen RD, LDN