November 27, 2023

Nutrition Influencer Insights: Q&A with upwaRD Winner Christina Chu

The FoodMinds upwaRD program is an industry-leading professional recognition and development program, elevating the voices of emerging nutrition communication leaders. This year’s winners were selected for their expertise in translating evidence-based nutrition recommendations into exciting, engaging and accessible content in both traditional and social media channels.

Today, we hear from Christina Chu, a 2023 upwaRD winner!

How did you become passionate about nutrition communications?

Nutrition Communications became a passion of mine when I realized how many nutrition voices were in the traditional media outlets, and how few of them are dietitians. While in college, I came to the conclusion that many journalists are great at writing, though may be lacking in nutrition foundations; many RDs have strong nutrition skills, but poor writing/communication abilities. I wanted to bridge the gap between communication and nutrition, and even minored in Communications while at Boston University to further enhance my skills.

When you create your content, what personal rules or values help guide you?

When I create content, I always prioritize how I stay true to my voice, while also communicating effectively to my audience. I am driven by providing unbiased, thoughtful content that is also desirable for the audience to consume. Ethics, transparency, and relatability are all strong values in my practice!

What kinds of messages are you passionate about sharing?

I believe that healthy fueling should be accessible to all athletes and people. Nutrition is not meant to be gatekept, nor exclusive to certain groups. In my messaging, I aim to make nutrition approachable to my athletes, who come from various socioeconomic, cultural, and geographical backgrounds.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job is seeing the “aha” moment for my athletes. Whenever I receive messages about how they developed more confidence in their nutrition, or have tried out some of my recommendations and found one that stuck with them and they’ve seen positive changes, those are the priceless moments.

Where can people find you?

You can find me on Instagram @ChristinaYChu for free content, or my recently launched Patreon Channel for ad-free/unbiased content, Christina Chu Studios!

Favorite food?

Right now, my favorite food has got to be a QDOBA Cholula burrito bowl! Top it off with pickled red onions and jalapenos – it’s SO good!


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