March 13, 2023

Nutrition Influencer Insights: Q&A with upwaRD Winner Paula Rubello, MS RDN

The FoodMinds upwaRD program is an industry-leading professional recognition and development program, elevating the voices of emerging nutrition communication leaders. This year’s winners were selected for their expertise in translating evidence-based nutrition recommendations into exciting, engaging and accessible content in both traditional and social media channels.

Today, we hear from Paula Rubello, MS RDN, a 2022 upwaRD winner!

What platform or medium do you think is especially powerful for nutrition education today and why?
I believe social media platforms, specifically Instagram and TikTok are especially powerful for nutrition education today. A lot of individuals are using these mediums to collect information. Unfortunately, a lot of information that is not necessarily true is shared. As a nutrition professional, I love that we can make our voice heard and communicate what is right from wrong.

When you create your content, what personal rules or values help guide you?
When I create my content, a personal rule I have is to not be afraid to share MY opinion. However, I always make sure that whatever I am sharing is backed by science.

What types of brands or organizations do you get excited about working with?
I love working with brands that are creating unique products using nutritious ingredients. For instance, I love working with brands that are creating unique products using nutritious ingredients. I get excited when I see a new product made with legumes or food & beverages with functional ingredients.

What’s the food/beverage or nutrition trend that you’re loving right now?
Right now, I’m loving the nutrition trend that supports eating for hormonal balance and how different nutrients found in foods are beneficial for different phases in a woman’s cycle.

Where can people find you? 

You can find me on Instagram and TikTok (@nutritiouspaula).

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