April 22, 2020

Defining and Promoting Healthy, Sustainable Food Systems

As climate change accelerates, the global population increases and poverty and food insecurity persist, global food systems face the increasingly urgent challenge of feeding the planet nutritious, affordable and culturally acceptable foods while reducing environmental impacts. A truly sustainable diet must provide not just essential nutrients, but also support personal and environmental well-being.

In the latest edition of O’Dwyer’s PR Magazine, FoodMinds’ Andrea Carrothers and Katie Padilla discuss the complexities and consumer confusion around healthy, sustainable diets and the opportunities for the food industry to provide transparent and credible information about how their products are delivering benefits across all dimensions of sustainability. Read the article (p. 14) for more details, and [email protected] if you’d like to learn about our thought leadership capabilities in healthy, sustainable food systems.

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Andrea Carrothers, MS, RD, is a Senior Vice President and Katie Padilla, MA, is a Director at FoodMinds, a division of Padilla. Andrea is based in Denver, CO and Katie is based in Washington, DC.

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