Principles for Quality and Scientific Integrity

One of FoodMinds’ core values is doing work that is good for public health and good for business. With more than 20 registered dietitians and a consulting science advisor, we are committed to working with and supporting fact-based, scientific methods and authoritative standards of evidence when building research and education programs on the nutrition, health and safety of foods and beverages.

Our principles ensure the quality and scientific integrity of the work we do with our clients:

Our work aligns with the current body of peer-reviewed, authoritative bodies of science and the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which recognize that eating an appropriate mix of foods from food groups and subgroups, including beverages – within an appropriate calorie level – is important to promote health. And all foods and beverages can play a role in healthy eating patterns, eating patterns influence health and that food choices and cultural and social norms matter in developing healthy and sustainable eating patterns.

We believe the food and beverage industry has a right to do research to understand the nutritional composition and contributions or implications of their products on public health.  Nutrition research helps the industry do this responsibly, and enables them to provide safe, affordable, high-quality choices to meet individual needs. We take pride in our longstanding, science-based collaboration with the food and beverage industry, academic institutions and NGOs in supporting sound research programs that contribute to the body of evidence.